for new & renovation

Photo of a printed ceiling in a staircase with a visual of flowers
Printed ceiling, private villa
Photo of a bedroom with a wall printed with a mountain visual at the head of the bed.
Printed wall in a bedroom, private villa
Photo of a living room with a white cold stretched ceiling
Acoustic ceiling in a living room with open kitchen.

ALYOS classic: a truly stunning rendering

ALYOS® technology offers a range of stretch ceiling and stretch wall solutions to solve all your ceiling and wall problems.

These are the key words in our specifications. The systems developed by ALYOS® technology can be adapted to all ceilings and walls, incorporating all the latest technologies and offering perfect aesthetics and finish.

ALYOS® technology offers a stretch ceiling and stretch wall system consisting of a very wide, polyurethane-coated polyester mesh covering (exceptionally fine weave).

ALYOS® coverings can be installed at room temperature, with no need to heat the room. The nature and quality of the materials used ensure optimal tension with a traditional ceiling appearance.

Rooms of all sizes, even those with complex geometric shapes, can be treated with ease. ALYOS® stretched fabric systems allow the integration of all decorative elements: light fittings, spotlights...

ALYOS® guarantees that its materials comply with Bs1,d0, CE and VOC standards .

photo of a white acoustic ceiling in one of the rooms of the Françoise Sagan multimedia library
White acoustic ceilings, Médiathèque F. Sagan, Paris (Xe)
photo of a hair salon with a white cold stretched ceiling
white acoustic ceiling, ref. ALYOS acoustic hair salon
Photo of a white cold stretch ceiling under a crawl space above a private swimming pool
White stretch ceiling, private pool

A multitude of decorative, design and renovation possibilities

The unparalleled speed and finish of stretch ceilings make ALYOS® coverings ideal for all types of ceilings and walls, in both new-build and renovation markets.

photo of a canvas printed in black and white with giraffe heads in a dining room
Printed canvas, dining room, Chateauform
photo of a wall printed with grass visuals behind a desk
Visual created for this project

Freedom of expression in architecture and design

ALYOS® design, the canvas printed by ALYOS®, offers an unlimited range of visuals and colors to make every project unique. The ALYOS® collections are enriched by partnerships with various artists... Printing is carried out on all our coverings, including backlit canvas, creating a unique play of light in your rooms.

ALYOS® technology is renowned for its expertise in THD (Very High Definition) digital printing. So your project can be customized in solid colors with colors stretch ceilings, or with a visual of your choice.

Our graphics studio will advise you on your choice, validate the quality of the chosen image and format it.

Photo of acoustic ceilings in a chapel in Neuchatel, Switzerland
White acoustic ceilings, renovation of a church in Neuchâtel, Switzerland
photo of backlit system printed with visuals printed baroque chandelier effect
Printed backlit canvases, Pharmacy and parapharmacy, Euralille center
photo of a wall printed with a blue gradient
Canvas printed on our ALYOS star coating

A wide choice of finishes

Our ALYOS® range offers a wide choice of finishes:
photo of a wall printed with an orange gerbera in a waiting room
Printed wall in an insurance company waiting room
Photo of a ceiling printed in a Parisian chocolate factory with a crocodile-skin visual
Printed acoustic ceiling, Chocolaterie Rochoux, Paris VIe
photo of a wall printed with a woman's body wearing dumbbells
Printed wall, gym, Chateauform

The advantages of the Alyos® cold-lay system

Diagram showing the installation of the fabric in ALYOS standard profiles
Diagram showing the installation of the fabric in ALYOS standard profiles

Quick implementation of our textile solutions

ALYOS® stretched fabrics are installed and tensioned by means of an ALYOS® profile attached to the edge of the ceiling to be treated.

The 10mm-high ALYOS® profile, made of bi-material PVC, can be adapted to any architectural shape.
The stretch ceiling covering is inserted into the profile using a curved spatula. Its system of notched clamps ensures that the lining stays in place. The lining is installed at room temperature. Finishing is done with a levelling tool, but can also be done with a cutter (as long as enough material is left to ensure proper tension and hold the fabric in place). Only a 5 mm finishing edge is visible.

ALYOS® is designed for building professionals. The system is installed exclusively by specialists trained in this technique. A list of recommended qualified installers is available on request.