ALYOS® manufacturer of cold stretched ceilings
and stretched walls for architecture and
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ALYOS® manufactures an extensive range of stretched ceiling and wall fabrics for architecture and interior design.

Flexible fabrics and coverings, tensioning systems, installation accessories, installation aids and training. We manufacture standard and customized acoustic solutions for architectural acoustic projects, renovations and new-builds. We have also recently developed and signed a complete system of acoustic aluminum frames, enabling us to design and improve the acoustic comfort of living spaces, for example. The ALYOS® team is here to help you with your projects.

Acoustic stretch ceilings

ALYOS acoustic® is an acoustic ceiling or wall system consisting of a very wide-width, polyurethane (PU)-coated polyester mesh lining with invisible micro-perforations, combined with mineral wool panels.

Acoustic frames

ALYOS® offers complete acoustic textile frame systems. Our systems are available in "decorative", "acoustic", "translucent" and "backlit" versions. Our frames offer high sound absorption capacity. 

Printed stretched canvas

The ALYOS design® system is a printed ceiling or wall system. A collection of artists' images is at your disposal. We manage and develop this creative collection for you. Our graphics studio formats the images to suit your architectural projects.

Backlit stretched canvas

ALYOS translucent® fabric is a backlit stretch ceiling system that lets light pass through and diffuse. A real diffusing surface in stretch covering, our solution is customizable in its design version in printed canvas, the backlit canvas lets you bring light into all your rooms.


ALYOS technology
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"Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do."

Since its creation over 15 years ago, ALYOS®, manufacturer and supplier of cold stretched ceilings and cold stretched walls for professionals, has worked in partnership with installation companies and craftsmen trained in our methods on numerous projects throughout France and Europe.

Cafés, hotels, restaurants, private homes, shipyards, CHR, tertiary sector, hospital offices... they have chosen to trust ALYOS® quality and service.

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The benefits of stretch ceilings for architecture and interior design

Stretch ceilings offer a number of advantages for both the contractor and the client. Unlike traditional solutions, stretched fabrics, whether for walls or ceilings, can be installed in a single operation. Unlike the traditional plasterboard solution, which requires a number of stages (installing the plasterboard, grouting, sanding and painting), this one-step operation considerably reduces the time required to complete the work. The speed with which stretch ceilings can be installed is a significant advantage for your future projects, whether for new build or renovation. Our lead times are reduced by a factor of 4 or 5.

The logistics of working with stretch fabric are also simplified, since a stretch ceiling weighs almost nothing, unlike more traditional solutions. This makes it a highly advantageous solution for work at great heights or where access is difficult. Stretch ceilings can also be installed on more fragile structures.

A stretched fabric installed on the ceilingtakes up a minimum of 10 mm ofspace, making it the lightest, most space-saving system on the market: particularly useful when it's not possible to lower the ceiling (e.g. in basement renovations).

This is just a glimpse of the many advantages of our tensioned solutions for DPLG architects, interior designers and interior decorators, as well as for modern interior designers in search of innovation. We invite you to get in touch with our teams, who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Fast & Practical

Fast installation by professionals trained in the technique: 4 hours' labor for 20 to 50 m², depending on the complexity of the room, with no soiling during installation, ideal for ceiling renovation in an occupied environment, for example.



All types of incorporation are possible, depending on the height of the plenum: lighting, ventilation, loudspeakers, alarms, air conditioning, heating, fire detectors... Specific shapes and curves are no problem.



Installation, finishing and decoration all in one operation. So, if you add up all the various costs, a cold stretch ceiling is no more expensive than a traditional ceiling.



Little packaging and little site waste. Residues are clean and recyclable. The carbon footprint of stretch ceiling logistics is negligible. In this sense, ALYOS® ceilings are totally environmentally friendly.


The system is installed exclusively by experts trained in our stretched ceiling and wall installation techniques.

In collaboration with our distributors, we surround ourselves with the most competent partners in each region. Each authorized installer has undergone specific technical training and masters the most comprehensive installation methods for stretch walls and ceilings.

If you are interested in our training program (Nantes or Mulhouse) or are looking for a certified installer, please fill in one of the forms below.

About us

ALYOS, the specialist in stretch ceilings and innovation!

A team of experts at your service

ALYOS® technology brings together innovation specialists in the fields of stretch ceilings, printed walls, acoustic frames and decorative stretch coverings for interior design.

ALYOS®, the Alsace-based manufacturer of stretch fabrics, has put together a high-performance team combining youth, dynamism and, most importantly, experience in the tensioning of designer ceilings and wall coverings. Our members have over 15 years' experience in the development of cold stretched ceilings, false ceilings or acoustic insulation tiles, and even printed canvas ceilings or printed walls! Stretching ceilings holds no secrets for our staff. ALYOS® is the benchmark designer of stretch ceilings at the right price.



The ALYOS® team will be happy to answer any questions you may have. You can reach us by phone or e-mail, or by using the contact form.


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