• Why choose ALYOS design® printed wallcoverings and printed murals?

You’re looking for original decor for your walls and ceilings. You have an interior decoration or wall decoration idea and you would like to personalize your interior with a large printed wallcovering or wall mural and thus create a new atmosphere or a new design.

You can give your imagination free rein with ALYOS design® printed wallcoverings!

You can renovate your interior with ALYOS design® in one day, with no dirt and no moving out. Create a large printed mural with an interior panoramic effect.  

You will obtain an extraordinary decorative effect, a smooth, continuous and matt surface that is both shock and damp-proof.

ALYOS design® printed wallcovering systems are suitable for all types of rooms: residential (bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, entrance halls etc.), offices, shops, hotels, swimming pools and hospitals, etc.