• Why renovate with an ALYOS® stretch ceiling?

Your ceilings are damaged, cracked, chipped, stained. You wish to conceal beams or visible cables and piping.

Thanks to the ALYOS® ceiling systems, plaster boards, coatings or painting are no longer needed.

Thanks to ALYOS®, you can renovate your cracked ceilings in one day, without stain and without moving furniture.

You will achieve a remarkable decorative effect, with a ceiling that is smooth, homogenous and matt, as well as shock and water resistant.

ALYOS® ceiling systems are suitable for every room: ideal for renovating the ceilings in bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, entrance halls, offices, stores, swimming pools etc.

You can choose between 7 matt shades, still keeping the appearance of a traditional ceiling: white stucco, beige dolce, green toscana, beige forte, blue azzuro, grey fumato and black matt

General benefits of ALYOS® stretch ceiling systems:

  • Quick and practical

> Quick fitting and renovation by professionals trained in the technique: 4 hours of workforce for 20 to 50m² according to the complexity of the room
> No dirt during installation, ideal for ceiling renovation
> Complete removal not required for work areas. Even plants can stay in place
> No heat canon required to heat the room to 50°C
> No odours
> Simple ceiling renovations: very limited immobilisation of the rooms to be treated (a few hours)
> Clean work, very fast and odour-free installation, in only one operation: usually in one day. No need to remove furniture
> Easy to take measurements (total length and width of the room to be treated)

  • Aesthetic

> Cover cracked ceilings: get a perfect smooth, matt finish with no joins over an area of up to 5m
> Standard shades in white, beige, pastel and black
> Possibility of creating curved, arched, horizontal, pitched and vertical surfaces
> Conceals all the imperfections of the previous supports during ceiling renovations or replacements (faded or flaking paintwork, cracks, stains, pipes and electric cables etc)
> Possibility of ceilings with digitally printed decor
> Can be adapted to all styles. Perfect for ceiling renovation
> Back-lighting option: illuminated walls or ceilings

  • Economical

> Ceiling installation, finish and decoration in one go
> Not more expensive than a traditional ceiling

  • Technique

> Reliable, long-lasting and hard-wearing procedure
> Fire rating M1 and EuroClass Bs1d0
> Shock-proof ceiling. Absorbs impact without damage
> Damp-proof, your ceiling does not fear condensation
> Can be applied to all supports (concrete, brick, plaster, panelling, wood, etc.)
> Room temperature installation (ambient temperature)
> Adjustable installation height
> Thickness of medium limited to 10mm
> Weight limited to less than 300 g/m²
> Possibility of installation between existing decorative cornices
> Disassembly, reassembly and replacement possible
> Improvement of the acoustic comfort of a room (performance depends on the ceiling construction system used)

  • Various additions

> It is possible to incorporate anything, depending on the height of the plenum: lights, ventilation, loudspeakers, telephone, air conditioning, heating, alarms and smoke detectors etc.

  • Maintenance

> No specific ceiling maintenance
> Possible to clean using suitable products
> Option of painting (projected acrylic paint)

  • Respect for the environment

> Minimum waste from packaging and site waste

  • Areas of application

> New buildings and renovation
> Residential, tertiary, commercial and industrial sites, schools, hospitals and PABs, etc.
> Easy to deal with water damage